happy friday

February 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

What is making me smile today?

winter via Dalla*'s photostream

Had sort of a rough week, but I am *determined* to smile because it’s FRIDAY! :)

NOA NOA has a lovely new lookbook out on the website.

A coworker from China gave me these ornaments that you traditionally hang from your belt. I must find out how to wear them!

Went out on the town with some of my best girlfriends on Wednesday and bought this amazing perfume at Anthropologie.

Secondhand shopping (aka treasure hunting) with the roomie tomorrow after my haircut.

This exhibition by Gwen Samuels of transparencies fashioned into clothes (not worn, mind you) is really intriguing.

Lent is a season of true Mercy and Love, praise God.

Found out that Anthropologie has a sister-store, Leifsdottir. Whoa.

Thankful for prayerful, supportive friends and family.

Homemade hobnobs and sugar cookies as big as my face? Yes please!!!!! I will definitely do some baking on Sunday.

My run-through for the Portland, OR presentation went well and even elicited a “good job” from the boss!

These interiors by Twig Hutchinson are so peaceful and sunny.

Managed somehow to do three presentations this week on very different topics: 30 minutes on Civil War military historiography, 10 minutes on core-shell nanomaterials and 20 minutes on the 1st and 2nd Commandments. Whew.

A timely reminder from Tenth Avenue North, one of my favorite groups.

Happy Friday, everyone, and keep smiling!

P.S. Don’t forget to have a look-see at my fashion blog today…it was my turn on the blog-it-forward mashup!

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