Spiritual Motherhood

January 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

(This post is one I have thought of writing for a long time, and it seems so cheap and cold compared to what I really feel about it. However, I will post it in the hopes that it helps others discern whether or not they have a similar vocation.)

Although it has come into the spotlight recently for the 2009-2010 Year of the Priest, the vocation of spiritual motherhood of priests is one I have dedicated myself to for some time now. Spiritual motherhood is when a woman feels the call to adopt a priestly heart and soul in prayer: Our Lady, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Elizabeth, and St. Martha are held as examples of such spiritual maternity. While they were not involved in active ministry, they moved behind the scenes and prayed and supported our Lord and St. John the Baptist.

Careful discernment, as with any calling, is of course essential here. Not all women are called to spiritual motherhood (just as not all women are called to be mothers in the physical sense) and women are not called to “adopt” all priests in prayer. One can pray for as many priests as one likes, but it is certainly different from spiritual adoption. Spiritual adoption means that every action, every prayer, every suffering, every joy, every love is held up as a burnt offering for the sake of the spiritual son. Have you, perhaps, ever felt such a calling?

It has been such a lovely gift to be one myself. Mothers work quietly through their daily routines, day in and day out, but not for a moment do they forget that they have children or cease to love them. The same goes for spiritual maternity: one works quietly through daily routines, always with the silent prayer that each moment be sacrificed for the sake of the priests whose names are engraved on the heart.

I myself am blessed to have five “spiritual sons”, none of whom will know that I pray for them until we meet in Heaven. Some of them do not even know me. But I can say with full honestly that they are the joy of my life.

Learn more about Spiritual Motherhood of Priests here.

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