December 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

In the days leading up to Christmas, I retreat within myself and ponder all those things, small and large, with which I was and continue to be blessed throughout the year.

…a father who prizes his daughters more than a king his heirs, and who treats us like precious, precious jewels.

…a mother who silently, smilingly, tirelessly, often thanklessly follow Mary in her never-mentioned daily life in Nazareth.

…a brother who continuously lifts his sisters and parents up in prayer.

…two sisters, cherished friends and advisors, cheerleaders and sometimes comforters, for whom I would do anything, anything in the world.

…an extended family that is more loving and supportive than any of which I have ever heard.

…priestly friends who give me more prayerful and spiritual support than I deserve (and social support too!).

…my dear friend Mary Ann, who walks the journey with me daily.

…old friends, whom I pray for as they grow, mature, and continue up their paths to Christ.

…new friends, whom I excited to get to know better.

…my roomate, whom I am SO thankful to have met and to have as a friend.

…my friend Pavlo, who reminded me at a crucial time in my life that I am a princess and a treasure.

…my pastor Fr. Bill Foley and my friend Br. Josef, precious spiritual guides.

…a lovely trip to Paris, which was both an adventure for me and a chance to get to know my mother even better.

…my Catholic Church, without which I would not be able to scrape by daily.

…my spiritual Mother Mary, whom I always try to imitate.

…the financial ability to move out and live on my own for awhile.

…a place to stay where Jesus lives downstairs and where I am nourished daily in the most important things.

…clarity of thought, a discerning mind, and a sensitive conscience.

…my Lord and the eternal King of my heart, Jesus, who surrounds me with Himself and His Love in all these gifts I’ve mentioned.

And hundreds, thousands, more things that I have no time to mention. I have no more words to say!

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