God is Now

December 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Rhythm and pattern mark the seasons of the years. Christ is renewed in us every Advent, but this now is our Advent. It would be impossible to relive last year. Next year God will be ready to do something new in us. This is our time. We will never meet this exact moment again. And this is the Advent where God dwells in us. Not in the person we were last year, not in the person of tomorrow that we might never become. God is here, God is now – arms open and ready to receive us. Jesus isn’t waiting until December 25 to be born anew. Christ is present and full of new life now. God isn’t biding time, waiting for heaven to love us and welcome us home. God and the fullness of God’s love is already here and now. That is how we rejoice, even in the dead of winter and in the “not yet” expectation of Advent. Our God is the God of the eternal now – always ready to forgive, always ready to love. Are we?

– Caryll Houselander, A Child in Winter

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