“This is It” Movie Review

November 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Regardless of what you think of his personal life, one must admit that Michael Jackson was a very talented human being. His abilities to dance, to perform, were remarkable, the new movie “This Is It” highlights these. The film is comprised of nearly two hours of footage from MJ’s final rehearsals, meshed very well with extra footage that he intended to play behind him during the concerts (e.g. a Humphrey Bogart/MJ chase sequence filmed to complement Smooth Criminal) and a few short comments from other people involved in the concert tour.

Most interesting are the times in the film when MJ is not singing: instead, he is directing backup dancers, humming songs to the musicians, talking to fellow performers. It is the unguarded moments that make the whole movie so special, and really add depth to MJ’s character that I for one have never seen. If anything, it is an important movie to see because it puts his odd past behavior into the proper perspective. There is a reason Michael Jackson named his ranch Neverland; he was a true Peter Pan. He never wanted to grow up, and from the more intimate footage it is apparent he never did.

Of course, if you like his music the film is a treasure. His dancing wasn’t quite what it was when he was young, but he shines in old favorites like The Way You Make Me Feel and Billie Jean. The production, even in final rehearsals, was dazzling. The backup dancers are the best of the best, the music is awesome, and MJ’s voice is clean and crisp. I assure you, you will be tapping your feet, dancing in your seat, and perhaps (as many in my theater were) even clapping and attempting to moonwalk in the aisle.

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