Meanderings on MJ and what it means to be a human being

November 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Now, my review of the film finished, I must say something in response to comments that have been made by others who have heard I went to the movie. Most comments have been appalling in their disrespect of what was a human life. MJ was a sinner as we all are, but we have no right to make ourselves his final judges. He was a man who was uniquely gifted by God, and deserves the same respect and love – yes, Love in the Gospel sense – as any other person.

And I say this not simple because I am a Michael Jackson fan. This is a problem more basic than whether someone criticizes MJ, or President Obama, or whomever. This is a problem of what it means to be a human being, and what it means to respect human life in all its forms.

Years ago, while I was still in school, I was reading a book by Monsignor Sokolowski for a class I audited. At one point he discusses how different people are unique perspectives on the world and on existence, and that the loss of that unique perspective is one of the things that makes death so sad, even if one does not know the person who died. Over time I have done a lot of musing on this gem from Fr. Sokolowski. That one passage has greatly influenced my thought in all areas of life.

Basically, this is the way I look at it. Every human being is a unique lens through which God can shine in all His different perfections, showing us all the different facets of Who He Is. That means every single human being, whether we are sinners or saints. God worked through Creation and time from the very beginning of the world to create each and every person with their own genetic code formed by their parents (grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. all the way back!), their own personality formed by their own unique experiences in life, their own talents and gifts.

As I mentioned, that lens may be clouded by sin or even cracked by mortal sin, but God’s light will still make it through if only vaguely. (And the beauty of Christianity is that the lens can be cleaned, and the crack repaired so there is no trace of damage, through Confession.) It would be much more constructive, then, to get down on our knees for those clouded and cracked lenses than it is to criticize.

Even if for this reason alone, that each person is a unique lens through which God can shine, every human being deserves our respect, our prayers, and our Love.

§ One Response to Meanderings on MJ and what it means to be a human being

  • dizzymissliz says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such excellent insight! On your mentioning of every human being a unique lens reminded me of a passage from a Fulton Sheen book a read a while back. I will relay a summery of the passage here;
    Saints Diffuse holiness because they reflect the life of Christ as color reflects light. If it is blue, indigo, or red. If it reflects all rays, it is white. This is why Scripture describes the Saints in heaven as wearing white robes. As the rays of sun are so rich that we cannot see their many splendors unless they are shot through a prism, which causes them to break into seven rays of the spectrum, so, too, the Life of Christ, which the saints reflect, is so infinitely Good, that it takes an infinite variety of saints shot through the prism of love and penance to reflect the holiness of the Son of God. Sinners are always alike; saints are always different. They therefore break up the monotony of life.

    Thanks again for your insight on MJ! The need for prayer is so great, especially as the growth of criticism expands.

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