happy friday

October 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

What is making me smile today?

Reminds me of Paris...ah...

Reminds me of Paris...ah...

Liu Bolin’s genius artistry is certainly something to smile (and gasp!) at any day of the week.

A delightful, Spirit-filled couple hours with the RCIA team and our inquirers last night. Father F. gave a talk on the Holy Spirit that I am going to be chewing on for the next lifetime…

Are you in the market for new stationary? I’ve just discovered Night Owl Paper Goods…I heart this one and this one and this one and THIS ONE and this one.

Being asked to give a witness talk on my relationship with Mary, Mother of God next week at RCIA. What a journey that has been; I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement when R. invited me to witness.

This photo blog is both humorous and has potential to offer fashion inspiration.

My two daring outfit choices this week worked out nicely. Whew!

This spiritual bouquet postcard is such an awesome idea.

The harvest bazaar tomorrow at the retreat center…bake sale + pumpkin patch + possibility of seeing some of my fav priests = heaven.

I really love these plaques from Red Letter Word.

Good times with old friends (I had a wonderful dinner out on Wednesday night) and opportunies to make new ones.

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