happy friday

September 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

What is making me smile today?


This peach crisp looks soooooooo good. And it makes me want the Fall.

I was browsing Etsy (again!) and came across these amazing creations by irregularexpressions. Note: textile jewelry, e.g. crochet, is definitely in style for the cool-weather seasons. Here is my fav.

I get to go home tonight after my first week of living outside the house! Time for cuddles.

Cabbages and Roses has a gorgeous line of new designs for cold weather. I love this one and this one and this one.

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous. I think I shall take a walk.

Just pre-ordered Matt Maher’s new CD.

Cousins that call me on lonely evenings to chat. Friends that make the separation from home smart a little less than usual. :)

This post is hilarious. A real man’s take on fashion magazines.

This quote made me cry this morning with its profundity: “With a word Peter brought healing to the man who had been lame from birth; he who did not give a coin with the emperor’s image refashioned the image of Jesus in this man.” – St. Leo the Great, Pope. EVERY SINGLE ONE of us has a treasure to bring before the throne…each of us can “refashion the image of Jesus” in those around us by showing love. We must try not to be discontent and worry about the future; we must simply look at where we are here and now and ask God to whisper to us how we can best serve Him in the moment. That could mean merely smiling at the person next to us in the checkout line, or holding the door for another.

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