happy friday

August 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

What is making me smile today?

From Black*Eiffel

From Black*Eiffel

Salivating (once again) over whiteowl’s Etsy shop. I love this piece…which is your favorite?

Moving day is tomorrow. I can’t believe it is already here!

The surreal photography of Rune Guneriussen. Check it out.

God is very good — I’m just sayin’.

My #1 guilty pleasure is definitely fashion blogs, and I am loving the trend of looking at what REAL people where in REAL life for what is fashionable, rather than looking at the runways. Face Hunter (my most recent discovery), The Sartorialist (the photography is lovely), garance dore (cute and chic! This gal is wonderful), Urban Weeds (direct from Portland, the new artsy center of the US of A), and LOOKBOOK (worldwide street fashion!) are some of my favorites.

Our first RCIA session last night was awesome. :)

This gal’s art and textile work is quirky and fun.

Cool song from Jem that my sisters showed me two nights ago.

Letter from Brother Josef! (Ugh, I have six letters from different people to answer now…)

Tooooooooo cute!

Our new associate pastor pointed the RCIA team to this awesome resource: an online searchable Catholic catechism! Sweetness.

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