morning in Washington City

August 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

Our car broke down last night on the way home, so my dad and I took the bus into work today for a change. It has been *ages* since I’ve ridden that bus — every time I do it brings back memories of when I interned on Capitol Hill for the President’s Council on Bioethics (which has unfortunately since been boarded up by our illustrious President who does not care much for bioethics, but I will not grumble more about that).

There is something so charming about DC early in the morning. The weather hasn’t changed much in 200+ years: despite the paved roads and modern office buildings, the city is still rather swampish and the air hot and humid even in the early morning. Shopkeepers are starting to open their stores, people are cleaning the sidewalks, early risers are standing sleepy-eyed outside coffee shops, joggers run back and forth, men in suits and women in high heels (everyone dressed in professional black, of course) rush to their offices with a Starbucks in hand. When I am living downtown, I hope to take the metro downtown to pick up a coffee at a local cafe just for old times’ sake.

Speaking of coffee shops, I had a great time meeting my old friend and “mom away from home”, Mrs. B, at Starbucks yesterday. She elbowed me when we arrived and told me I “wasn’t allowed to be boring today” and had to “order something other than plain coffee”. (Sorry, but I go to Starbucks for ambiance, not coffee, and the cheaper my ticket to sit at one of their tables the better!) As always happens when someone forces me to “stop being boring” at Starbucks, I listened with growing apprehension to those ahead of me in line rattling off their orders: “I’ll take a vendi mocha cappachino with double expresso and skim milk please, and hold the added sugar” or whatever they say. When I reached the counter, I still had no idea what I wanted.

Barista: What do you want, honey?

Me: :::long silence::: Um….do you have anything…with chocolate in it? I think I’m in the mood for chocolate.

Mrs. B (at my elbow, sipping her caramel macchiato): :::giggle:::

Barista: :::looking over her shoulder at the menu on the wall and pointing::: Yes, the Double Chocolate Chip Frappachino has chocolate in it.

Me: Umm….Frappachinos are those blended coffees…with coffee in them, right?

Barista: :::nods with raised eyebrows:::

Me: Hmmm…okay…I’ll take a tall one of those then.

Mrs. B: :::gigglegiggle:::

As you can see, I am pretty much a failure as a Starbucks-ian. Oh well.

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