ah, the work week

August 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

I miss the weekend, but nothing can be done. It is long gone now, as 8AMish on Tuesday morning…

As usual, I spend Saturday at the Fort. It is hard to find things to do on tavern tent days (when we set up the” Schwartzauer tavern” tent on the foundations of the original tavern) or laundry days (my personal favorite). Thankfully my sister usually accompanies me so I have a partner in crime: this weekend we worked on our embroidery, chatted with other “citizenry” c. 1812 and read each other excerpts from a brand new work by a Miss Austen. Even the Prince Regent is reading it!

Last night was the RCIA prep meeting before the official sessions start on Thursday night.  I am really excited, as it looks like we are going to have an awesome team this year! The team is comprised of Mrs. P (the new director of religious ed at the parish who I have known since I was eleven), my dear spiritual bff MA, Deacon T (another beloved parishoner), Fr. F (my spiritual director) and Fr. C (the new associate, who is delightful). AND I was assigned some of my absolute favorite topics to teach — the Church year, the Feasts of the Saints, and the 5th Commandment (bioethics, anyone?).

Fr. C had a fabulous idea as well to go on a field trip to visit a convent. I hope we get to go…religious sisters are definitely misunderstood and I would do anything to give others the appreciation for them and their work that I have had throughout my life. Nuns are truly beautiful, deeply feminine women.

There are too many things going on this week, what with RCIA beginning, moving out, studying for the GRE, and these regular appointments with the eye doctor to cure my silly eye infection. God give me the grace to finish everything well.

I am hoping to post some lengthly excerpts from Thomas Merton tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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