happy friday

August 21, 2009 § 3 Comments

What is making me smile today?

Photo from Lobster and Swan

Photo from Lobster and Swan

An advertisement for WYD 2011 in Madrid, Spain!!!!!

Got my room assignment at the boarding house. :)

Fashion predictions for the year 2000, made in 1930.

The book Vital Friends by Tom Rath. It is a quick read, but well worth it. Tom gives you eight friendship roles, and describes each to help you categorize your friends. It sounds odd at first, but in reality it is helpful: if you can see what roles your friends play in your life, you can contribute to those relationships in a very positive way. It also helps you appreciate the things that each person/relationship adds to your life, instead of focusing on the things that your friends do not provide. No one person is capable of being everything to another…to paraphrase Thomas Merton, every person is made to uniquely contribute to the salvation of every person in their life. No man is an island. (Sorry for the book review — I am quite excited about the whole idea.)

ADORABLE pencil case from Etsy seller rohmer.

Brainstorming about what to wear in all-too-fashionable Paris. Of course, this is *very* enjoyable brainstorming.

Working on my abstract to submit for the APS meeting in March.

A remarkable excerpt from Thomas Merton on St. Francis of Assisi that I will try to post later.

Chemistry review for the GRE is going surprisingly well.

Fort McHenry this weekend!

Anticipating a shopping trip with the sis on Sunday. :)

New pair of Privos on the way!

So proud of my mama.

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