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August 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Had a great weekend — spent Saturday at the Fort bumming around with the Guard, and we had a “family game night” on Sunday (Boggle and Rummy Royal).

We joked around with the visitors a bit on Saturday, which was fun. Let me explain. One  of the questions asked of re-enactors most often is: do you ever get hot in those outfits? Now, the men are dressed in several layers of wool, and the womenfolk in steel-boned corsets and three or four layers of shifts and petticoats. It always seems to me that the answer is an obvious yes. By the end of a day in costume, I am literally feeling claustrophobic and dying to get into 21st century clothing again.


After taking a photo for a group of visitors in the late morning, one of the soldiers (who will be initial-less) pointed to a gentlemen in shorts, a t-shirt, and a ball cap. Straight-faced, he inquired: “Sir, do you ever get hot in those outfits?” We laughed, the man looked at us like we were insane, and then we explained. Then, making the story perfect, another group of visitors approached and asked the time-old question: “Do you guys get hot in those outifts?” This time re-enactors and visitors joined in on the hilarity of the situation. Thank God the intial-less soldier picked a visitor with a sense of humor. :)

In other me-news, for various reasons I backed out of the apartment plans and am now going to be moving into a boarding house near my job on August 29th. I visited last week to drop off my application, and it is quite pleasant. It is $250 cheaper than apartment rent was going to be, and the price includes breakfast and dinner. I feel like I am going to be quite happy there.

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