Happy Birthday K!

July 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

K., with our younger sister C.

K., with our younger sister C.




HAPPY BIRTH-A-DAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Fwa <3

I cannot believe that my “little” brother is nineteen years old today. K. has been my fellow adventurer/friend/schemer for nineteen wonderful years. I am thankful for him always (ALWAYS!) being there…

…to take care of me. He always climbed the tree first to test the branches.

…to support me through thick and thin. He always tries to catch me when I fall. Or, if possible, keep me from falling in the first place.

…to give fraternal correction when needed.

…to remind me of my priorities when I spin out.

…to tell me I am beautiful and remind me I am the prized daughter of the King of History.

…to go on an adventure, whether it be into the woods for the day when we were younger, into a horror movie as teenagers, or into the “real world” as young adults.

…to patiently collect all the pieces and glue them back together when I’m heartbroken.

…to give some of the most comfortable hugs in the entire world.

…to encourage me to take leaps, off the swingset and into a pile of mulch, or off of one comfortable position in life and into a new and better one.

…to let me sleep in his bed when I am sick. He has the comfiest bed in the house, and a tv in his room. AND he will stir your ginger ale for you so there are no bubbles left.

…to surprise me, like when I ask to borrow his car and he makes sure to tune the radio to my favorite radio station the night before so it is all ready.

…to love me no matter what, even when I fly off the handle at dumb things.

…to disagree with me about a spectrum of important issues from philosophical ones to his strong dislike of Jimmy Stewart.

…to challenge me to be better and stronger, by (sometimes not-so-gently) pointing out my weaknessness, by telling me to go to a party, or by defying me as Magic Man.

…to buck me up when I’m down. He knows a hearty dinner and a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream makes any day a better one.

…to be a the best brother and friend that anyone could ever ask, hope, or pray for. Thank you, K., and happy birthday.

At the Fort

At the Fort, July 2009


§ 2 Responses to Happy Birthday K!

  • Fr. Mark White says:

    The fact of the matter is that Kenny is awesome beyond all reckoning.

  • Honeysuckle says:

    Thank you so much, Genna! This is Kenny, by the way. I had to borrow Honeysuckle’s user name.

    Those are the sweetest things you could ever have said! It means more to me than any physical object (gift) you could give!

    I love you very much!

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