July 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, I’ve been a not-so-exemplary participant in the “NaBloPoMo09” (National Blog Posting Month) challenge, and the suggested theme for July was “ROUTINE”.  In the spirit of NaBloPoMo09, I thought I would post my daily routine for all and sundry to see…


5:30AM Wake up, say some prayers, get ready for the day

6-7:30AM Commute & Mass

7:30AM-12PM Work

12-1PM Lunch

1-4PM Work

4-4:30PM Adoration

4:30-6PM Whatever needs to be done

6-7PM Commute

7-10PM Dinner, get ready for tomorrow, unwind, goof off with the fam

And that pretty much repeats itself every. single. day. There: I’ve fulfilled my July NaBloPoMo09 obligation. Next month’s theme is “TOMORROW”, which should definitely be fun. I need to come up with something imaginative. :P


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