Two Celebrations

July 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

I enjoyed two lovely celebrations of my birthday over the weekend: one on Friday and one on Sunday. Both were awesome and contained the essential ingredient for a wonderful time, people I care deeply about. :)

On Friday, D. came home with me after my work day was over and we spent the evening in company with my family and three (gorgeous & giggly) cousins. The cousins gave me some tear-jerker notes and cards, D. and I played music, and we all had a delicious dinner prepared by my mom.

Then, on Sunday morning, I was visiting my cousins in VA. L. came downstairs and said something about needing to go SHOPPING. Of course, all I heard was SHOPPING and I asked if I could come along (they have an outlet mall near their house). Later I discovered they were trying to get me out of the house so they could set up my surprise party – I fell for their plans HOOK LINE AND SINKER. It was hilarious! When I got back and everyone jumped out and sang Happy Birthday I did not know what to do…!

My cousin J. even planned it to be a Star Trek-themed party, which was amazing. I’d always wanted one, but after a while you figure you are a leeeetle too old for theme parties and decide it would be embarrassing to ask.

The gifts were very (too!) generous, and were mostly supplies for the new apartment. I must say, I am going to have the MOST stylish and amazing apartment in the world, thanks to my family (immediate and extended).

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who was involved in both celebrations; it is truly humbling to be so loved when I give so little. D. gave up his whole afternoon and evening to come over even when he wasn’t feeling well, my family spent all day long cleaning and preparing, the cousins did an awesome job with decorations at the house, J. planned and executed a fabulous party on Sunday (I still say she should be a party planner), L. totally bamboozled me into shopping, and everyone just loved me altogether too much. There is nothing I can do but say thank you and that I love you all more than you could ever know.

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