three wishes

July 17, 2009 § 1 Comment


The Visitation, Master M S, 16th cent.

My three desires/goals for my 23rd year on this planet…

(1) I want to learn to practice the charity of the Visitation. It is such a striking image in Scripture that entrances the mind in prayer: Our Lady, after having recently found out that she is pregnant, also hears that her older cousin Elizabeth is with child. Without hesitation, she hurries to visit Elizabeth and help her prepare for this happy occasion. Who can imagine the self-sacrifice of this journey of charity? Perhaps Mary suffered morning sickness; perhaps the journey was a long one over hilly, harsh country. But nevertheless she hurried. God, grant me the grace to practice the charity of the Visitation, to hurry to serve my brothers and sisters without calculating the inconvenience or considering my own happiness and comfort.

(2) I want to live more responsibly as a steward of Creation and as sister to my fellow man by committing myself to shopping secondhand as much as possible. I believe it is irresponsible to be walking about town in a $200 dress when there are people who do not know if they will be able to afford their next paltry meal. There is a story of Mother Theresa, where she had a conversation with a woman who admitted a weakness for buying expensive saris. Mother prayed that Mary would show her what to respond, and after a few moments of silence said: “Next time, when you go to buy a sari, instead of buying a sari of 800 rupees, you buy a sari of 500 rupees, and with the remaining 300 you buy saris for the poor people.” Next time I go to a store and am tempted to buy a dress right off the rack, I will remember this story and instead head to the local Goodwill to buy a lightly used dress for $10.

(3) I want to dream. My brother challenged me recently, and asked if I even had any dreams for the future. I suppose I do, but sadly I have learned to put them aside and instead made goals for myself. Goals are great and everyone should have them, but dreams have their place as well.

Those are my birthday wishes for this year. Thank you everyone for your birthday greetings! :)

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