What would be on my own soundtrack?

July 13, 2009 § 3 Comments

Saturday was a day full of new and strange experiences, courtesy of my youngest sister E. who invited me to come to a Stargate convention with her, my other sister C. and my mother. Let me say that I have wanted to go to a sci-fi convention for over ten years, but never had the opportunity. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience…fun for one day, however, I don’t think I need to do it again. ;)

In attendance at the convention were Robert Picardo (the holographic doctor on ST: Voyager and Richard Wolsey on SGA), Jason Momoa (Ronon on SGA), Rachel Luttrell (Teyla on SGA), Ethan Phillips (Neelix on ST: Voyager), Vanessa Angel (Anise/Freya on SG1), Christopher Heyerdahl (Todd the Wraith on SGA), and randomly Clifton Collins (Ayel in Star Trek XI) and Johnathan Schaech (Jimmy in That Thing You Do). From the actor’s Q&A, I would say I was quite impressed by Robert Picardo and Clifton Collins…not so much by the others.

The first session I attended was a showing of an episode of “Starship Farragut”, a fan-made television show. Ironically (since I was skipping the Fort to go to the convention), the episode they showed featured the crew of the Farragut going back in time to the American Revolution. I chatted with some of the cast members afterwards, and they told me that the people who played RevWar guys in the fanfilm were re-enactors. There are more re-enactors who are Star Trek fans? Funny.

After the movie I wandered about the convention for a while, just trying to take it in as much as possible. I backed and bumped into many plastic and metal blasters, phasers, and swords (which, the rules for the convention stated, must remain SHEATHED), and eventually tripped backwards right into a gigantic 8 foot tall Halo soldier with his own soundtrack playing out of his helmet. (Note: I don’t play Halo, but I knew what he was from the music which I have heard.) If I were at the costume masquarede in the evening, I would have given him the blue ribbon. It was quite impressive.

Finally, in the evening we lined up for autographs. Robert Picardo was my favorite actor there, and was as nice as I imagined he must be. Even when greeting number 866 in line (myself), he smiled, made eye contact, complimented me, and personalized my autograph. I saw him do this with the people in front of me, and with those behind me. Very impressive.


I spent Sunday going through my closet and especially my “memory box” of memorabilia. Every so often I have to go through it and pare things down because I want to keep it confined to one box; it is a huge challenge to decide which things to keep and which to throw away. I always have to wait for people to be out of the house when I go through it, because tears are abundant as I sift through my life and am reminded of those I love, the experiences I have been blessed to have, and those who love me.

The box is filled with letters from family and friends (S. & J., my grandmother, my late great-grandmother, Aunt J., younger cousins, Timothy Goebel, Father Mark, Msgr. Hughes, and many more), lots of things from my Confirmation and from various parish activities, brochures and tickets from travels (Australia, England, Germany, cross-country), newspaper clippings from 9/11, and an envelope of my favorite pictures of my star crushes (the Beatles, Timothy Goebel, Alexei Yagudin, Ronald Reagan, Roy Rogers…and more). Perhaps my most treasured envelope is full of drawings and love notes from my brother and sisters. They have always been in the habit of leaving me encouraging and loving notes when I get stressed or the going gets rough, or just because they want me to know they love me. In the end I decided to bring the letters and the sibling envelope with me when I move to the apartment. They would be good to have on a rainy day.

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