happy friday

July 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

SO sorry for the lack of posts this week! With (a) being a tad under the weather and (b) my friend coming back into town, things have been quite busy to say the least. Time for a rest.


(Photo courtesy of Remodelista)

Ah, that’s better. What is making me smile today?

Teaching a friend how to do the Twist a la Chubby Checker. Don’t knock it.

This gorgeous image of Our Lady of Love (Notre Dame du Bel Amour).

Our recent diplomatic successes with France. It seems our leaders agree on something.

I’ve been told I am hard to fit into categories. I like that.

Lying on the lawn yesterday under a tree on campus whilst I read how Mr. Darcy first proposed to Elizabeth. Oh, Mr. Darcy, you give me such pain.


Sweet black gogo boots I bought two weeks ago that came on Monday.

My first attempt at biscotti worked quite well.

Stargate Convention tomorrow. I’m totally psyched to meet Robert Picardo.

I love the fashions of the 1930s.

Have a happy Friday everyone! :)

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