weekend insanity

June 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

(Sorry I did not post yesterday — WP just wasn’t working for me.)

This past weekend can best be described as P-A-N-D-E-M-O-N-I-U-M. It roughly went like this:

My cousins arrive from NY, a family of 10. Thankfully, my uncle is equipped with some yummy port wine.

Crash into bed.

Work on Thursday. Meanwhile, my cousin S. (+ baby inside) and her husband D. arrive at the house.

Change into formal dress at work and drive with my dad to the rehearsal dinner at Mount Vernon.

Michael Jackson dies. The guy with whom I am walking into the dinner gets the news on his blackberry. Very sad. I say a prayer.

Rehearsal dinner for cousin B. and his lovely fiancée M.

Finally make the deposit on the rental apartment in Paris.

Get everyone (10+2+6 = 18 people) dressed and caravan down to VA for the wedding. Barely make it because of traffic.

The wedding. Congratulations B. and M.!

Stop by the Marine Corps exchange to buy those Jessica Simpson heels I couldn’t stop thinking about.

The wedding reception. Several very drunk Marines in attendance. Otherwise a great PARTAY.

Drive home and crash into bed.

Up early, cooking baking cooking baking cleaning cooking baking.

More cousins arrive. The boys leave. Now 18 women in the house.

Baby shower for S.

Drive down to Southern MD to join the boys for a picnic dinner. Awesome group of 25. After dinner, wading in the Patuxent River.

Drive home and crash into bed.

Up earlier, for 7:30AM Mass. Happy Birthday Fr. Mark!

Playing games with the cousins and chasing the little ones = happiness.

Brunch for 25.

Cousins leave to go home to NY, minus one who is staying a couple extra days. Some downtime for us with the VA cousins.

VA cousins leave for home.

Cleanup and naptime. What a weekend! I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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