June 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

Everyone loves a spoonful of cookie dough…but should we?


A little parable to illustrate a great truth: every mortal one of us remembers the day when mother said she was going to bake us some cookies. Her plan was that we should enjoy them together. We saw her prepare the eggs, the soda, the flour, milk, sugar, butter, and chocolate – I hope I have left out none of the ingredients. When, finally, the batter was made and was allowed to settle, she told us not to touch it – not because any of the ingredients of the cookies was bad, but because, in her superior wisdom she knew that we could not be happy in anything that was not brought to full perfection.

But some of us did taste the batter – I know I did – and that is when the trouble began. A stomach-ache resulted from the disobedience, and the cookies we were supposed to enjoy with mother were never eaten.

This is, in miniature, what happened at the beginning of human history, and it is being repeated with varying stress, in every soul ever since. (Fulton Sheen)

Pray for patience to allow God’s plans for you to be brought to full perfection so that you can properly enjoy them. What are you waiting for – a job? an end to trials? love? prince charming? Keep waiting! Don’t cheat yourself by tasting the dough before the cookies are made. :)

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