True Femininity involves a Love for all Creation

June 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

small flower

The very emergence of woman into the political, economic, and social life of the world suggests that the world needs a continuity which she alone can supply; for while man is more closely related to things, she is the protector and defender of life. She cannot look at a limping dog, a flower overhanging a vase, without her heart and mind and soul going out to it, as if to bear witness that she has been appointed by God as the very guardian and custodian of life. Although contemporary literature associates her with frivolity and allurement, her instincts find repose only in the preservation of vitality. Her very body commits her to the drama of existence and links her in some way with the rhythm of the cosmos. In her arms, life takes its first breath, and in her arms, life wants to die. (Fulton Sheen)

I think it is fascinating that Archbishop Sheen saw in the increase of women in the workplace a heavenly significance: that God recognized a need for greater love and humanity than man – great as he is – was made to show. As the world became more industrialized, more mechanized, more efficient, it became at the same time less human. Some discuss the implications of even robotic prostitutution, but can love ever be mechanized? (This was questioned by the movie “A.I.”..a thoughtful, but plodding and confusing film.) Obviously it cannot. We can make cars faster and more efficient, biotechnology more effective, television and movies flashier, and computers smaller, but no one, despite all human brilliance, can improve on Love. A hug. A word. A caring look. The ignenuity of man is reduced to the simplest terms when confronted by Love.

The task of woman, then, is to remind the world of Love and its importance. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for woman to forget her responsibility to Love as she works alongside man and engages in competition with him. She can forget Love as well.

What can you do today, ladies, that will remind those around you, in your workplace, in your homes, wherever you are, of Love? Because it is so profoundly simple, Love can be injected into every act. Meditate on the image of the Visitation. Mary, pregnant with Love and always devoted to Him, hears that her elderly cousin is with child and hurries across the hill country to help her in her time of need. Where can you hurry today? Ask Mary to show you; I assure you she will. Even if it is a small as smiling, bringing a tasty snack in to work in the morning, or just going about your duties with a smile and quick laughter, it is fulfilling your call to show Love in a highly modern and mechanized world.

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