Weekend Fun

June 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

This past Saturday saw the beginning of a new season of living history at Fort McHenry. I had a grand time at the Fort with my sister, doing laundry, running the tavern, and talking to hundreds of visitors. Friends make fun of me for driving all the way to the Fort on pleasant summer Saturdays to volunteer to do manual labor “for fun” all day long, but there really is something very rewarding about it. You get to meet new people from around the world (I spent some time during a slower part of the afternoon talking about the British housing crisis with a man who lives 30 km north of London), laugh with old friends who love what they are doing as much as you do, and try to appreciate the hard work of those who came before you. And this weekend was particularly special, as my brother K decided to join the guard as well for the summer. He is a new member of the Corps of Artillery, and I must say he looks awesome in his blue uniform.

It was my first weekend as “second citizen” as well. Mrs. A is the “first citizen” and I am her new second-in-command. We shall see what my new responsibilities are as the summer continues, but I am quite excited about it. I love to be involved, and the Fort is a fun investment of time.

On Sunday, Father Mark came over for a couple episodes of “Moonlighting” (a very funny television show, if you have never had a chance to see it), followed by dinner and dessert. Our cousins joined us for the meal as well. :) I for one had a lovely time! I am completely refreshed for the new week.

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