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May 26, 2009 § 3 Comments

I officially started studying for the chem GRE yesterday afternoon, picking up John McMurry’s Organic Chemistry. *Brrrrrrr* memories of organic chem class are flooding back to mind: drawing structures countless times, pushing electrons, the smell of organic chemicals in the lab, and memorization tasks that never seemed to end. Oh, and one of my favorite organic jokes…that, after a year of organic, this is the result:

o\\=//  “I’m diene!” Get it?! The (badly rendered) molecule on the left is a “diene” molecule…okay, maybe it isn’t that funny. You can read some more nerdy jokes here.

Memorial Day Weekend was very pleasant, filled with family time. We spent some lovely time as a family around the dinner table, one of our favorite places to share. We laugh, relate stories, cry, mimic one another’s antics, and make plans around that old dinner table. On Sunday nights and holidays, it isn’t unusual for mealtime to last 2+ hours.

My sister C’s birthday was on Saturday. I can’t believe my little sister is seventeen. Doesn’t that make me old? Ah well. We surprised her and drove downtown to walk amongst the monuments after dark, her favorite outing in the world. Love you, C.I promise your gift will be arriving in the mail soon.


17 years ago, my parents let *me* name this little cutie.

[Photo from the author’s personal collection.]

I made these Chocolate Graham-Cracker Cupcakes, which turned out quite well and were a hit with the family. There was so much batter left over that I made a bunch of mini devil’s food cupcakes too. Those were fun because I got to go crazy with the sprinkles. :) You know, I would be very happy if I could just bake for the rest of my life. Who needs cooking?

I’ve also made a goal for myself of getting accepted into the neuroscience program at Johns Hopkins University to start in the Fall of 2010. Since I anticipate no small amount of work/preparation for this, I plan to spend the summer of 2010 traveling. My parents are already teasing me about not being able to spend much time outside of school. JHU here I come!

§ 3 Responses to tuesday thoughts

  • Elizabeth says:

    17 I can’t believe it!
    I thought the nerdy joke was great btw. I figured that symbol meant “diene”.

  • chèvrefeuille says:

    Good luck and many prayers for you and all your hours of studying! Jeepers! You just finish college and now on to the next level of schooling already…
    Thank you for surprising me on Saturday! I cannot ask for anything better than being with my family all day. :). Makes it extra special.

    Oh..and btw. Those graham cracker cupcakes are yumm-ee!!!

  • Genna says:

    Glad you liked the cupcakes and your birthday. Yay you are both commenting on my blog! :D

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