Happy Friday!

May 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

What is making me smile this morning?


These amazing gladiator boots. Talk about trendy! I would pair them with a straight skirt. Don’t forget some dramatic earrings!

These earrings from twig. Hoops are very “in” right now, but I just can’t wear them…if my checkbook could handle it, I might be able to pull off these beauties.

Another lovely post from Saint Verde Digest (how did you guess?).

This floral stationary.

The fact that, in the Bones episode (The Graft in the Girl) I watched a bit ago, Emily Deschanel was wearing the same Frye boots I have been wishing for over the past six months.

The hope we are reminded of by Jeremy Camp’s song “There Will be A Day”.

Pope Benedict XVI quotes: “He who has hope lives differently.”

Love from friends.

Oh, and a great storage idea from Remodelista (Can I incorporate it into my new apartment? I wonder.):


This photo from Henzlerworks.


Very peaceful. I don’t know if it is commonplace in Byzantine churches, but when we visited the Byzantine seminary, if you want to light a candle, you take a long thin taper (like those above), light it, and stick it into a bowl of sand.

I hope you are smiling too…

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