treasured letters

May 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

When I got home from the store this afternoon, a lovely letter from my dear friend Brother Joseph, a Benedictine monk, was there to greet me. He has such a delightful hand and way of writing that it makes me cry every time I read his letters. They are real treasures. I don’t think he would mind if I quoted a bit of the one I received today…

Dubrovnik Dominican Monastery

We..continue to struggle to make our lives a ‘laus gloriae,’ which if you know your Latin, simply means ‘praise of glory.’ In the spiritual combat we testify to the power and beauty of Christ’s life in our accomplishments (or rather our conquests), be they in successfully singing (more or less) the beautiful chants of Easter Tide, or cultivating with our hands the wilderness in which our monastery has been planted, or even simply spending one more half hour before the blessed Sacrament; but we also testify of Christ in our weaknesses and even failures, for He did not come in the form of strength and power but in the human guise of meekness and fragility, thus, whether it be with chapped and cold hands, scabbed knees, tired bodies, or even bad singing, the supernatural continues to shine through and even all the more briliantly the more the world ignores, impugns, or even forgets about us. If the world does not know or or value the Christian life, it is because the world did not know or value the life of Christ. This is our joy, our hope, our consolation.

-Brother Joseph

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