Weekend Meanderings

March 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

This particularly moving passage is taken from yesterday’s post on Vultus Christi:

Week after week, we come to Holy Mass, limited by our human blindness, sometimes stumbling along in the blindness of sin. Those who think they see clearly are the blindest people of all, and those who admit their blindness, or at least their very clouded vision, are those to whom Our Lord promises light and sight. What takes place in Baptism? The victory of light over darkness. What happens when a priest pronounces the words of absolution in confession? The renewal of that victory of light over darkness. What changes when we approach the altar to receive the Body and Blood of the Light of the World? Darkness is put to flight.

It was an excellent weekend, I must say. On Saturday night, my cousin Laura and a friend of the family, Tom, joined us for dinner and card games, and on Sunday I spent a lovely day simply relaxing. I have nearly finished Solaris! It is, I must say, very good science fiction.

Also on Sunday, we celebrated the Second Rite of Scrutiny at Mass with our catechumens and candidates. In this rite (of which there are three), the catechumens/candidates are presented to the congregation so that everyone together might pray for them as they examine their motives for joining the Church. It is a lovely ceremony, and the priest, teachers, and godparents move along the line of candidates kneeling before the altar and pray over each one. I am so very proud of them all…I just can’t say that enough.

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