Totally Random

March 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Apparently the top five search terms that are bringing up my blog on Google are:

1) claudio bravo – awesome news for claudio bravo. He’s a good artist and people are searching for his work.

2) pumice – why pumice? I cannot fathom why so many people are searching for information on pumice. Pumice has been one of the top search terms on my blog for over a year…this fact offers constant amusement.

3) yellow heels – I understand this one. Yellow is the color for spring. Everyone should be searching for yellow heels.

4) red innocence and instinct – good album by an awesome band. I’m glad to see someone is searching for it.

5) “fr. andrew fisher” – um….Congratulations, Father Fisher? People are looking for you…

In other news, I’m turning in my very last undergraduate philosophy paper ever, entitled “Robert Sokolowski and Alasdair MacIntyre: The Philosopher and the Virtue of Humility”. It is strange, really. I remember my first philosophy paper five years ago. Feels like yesterday.

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