Into the home stretch…

March 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Two weeks now until the philosophy comprehensive exams. Ack! It is a three-day written exam. On the first day, you answer three questions about the history of philosophy, comparing and contrasting the views of two philosophers from different periods on issues. On the second day, you answer three questions systematically without reference to the history of philosophy. Finally, on the third day, you are given three unidentified texts and are asked to comment on and analyze each. Oh boy. The first day is what frightens me most…I’d better be able to channel Aristotle and Hume!!!!


:::deep breath:::

Otherwise things are going really well with me…lots of studying for comps and trying to keep up with work and regular homework for my last undergrad classes. I’m determined to finish well, as I’m sure I will as long as I remember it is all for God’s greater glory. All for God’s glory however it may turn out in the end. I’m almost there!

The girls (my sisters) and I went downtown with a friend yesterday afternoon to wander through the National Art Gallery, which was a blast and quite relaxing even if it was raining. Afterwards, Celeste, Lizzy and I went to Target for a shopping spree (with $5?) and attacked the stationary and cosmetics aisles. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

Now it’s back to studying with me!

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