Loving Lent

March 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

As odd as it may sound, I really do love Lent. It is such an awesome time for stepping outside one’s comfort zone, for more prayer and sacrifice than is usual…I can’t wait until I am out of school and can actually devote myself fully to focusing on Lent and all it has to offer next year. This year I am somewhat busy with studying for comps. Ah well.

I found out a week or two ago that my parish is offering a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in November. Since last year I have been planning to go to Rome as a sort of graduation gift to myself, but unfortunately those plans fell through last month for several different reasons. Perhaps (okay, not perhaps but definitely!) it was Providential — now I can save that money for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Just imagining it moves me to tears. Can you imagine walking the Way of the Cross? Seeing the mount of the Beatitudes? the Sea of Galilee?! What an incredible spiritual experience that would be.

Spring break is nearly over…and then it is back to the grind of classwork thrown in the midst of work, activities, and studying for comps. Ah, life is such an exciting roller coaster ride!

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