All Kinds of Kate Austin

February 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

Not that I am a big fan of Kate Austin/Evangeline Lilly, but my ensemble today is all kinds of Kate (SPOILERS) a la her courtroom scenes in Season 4. All the way to the accessories, a big loop of faux pearls. I love my faux pearls, by the way. I have decided they are the ultimate accessory.

I experienced an absolutely lovely moment last Friday. As usual, I was making copies of lab notebooks on the third floor copy machine, but I chose not to listen to my ipod for once. Instead, I ended up listening to the melodic Indian voices coming from the offices across the hall…two of the research professors were talking about vibrations or something. Of a sudden, I put down my copying and thought: “This is why I work here. This is why I love it here. It is the real human aspect, the dynamic of working with human beings from all over the world.” What a great grace. I am still thanking God for that moment.

The weekend was pleasant, despite boatloads of homework. On Saturday, Paul and I went to piano lessons. It was an amazing feeling to get my fingers moving across the keys again; my soul just starts pouring out through my hands. I’ve been assigned to learn Debussy’s Clair de Lune and a Bach Fugue (another thing crossed off the bucket list!). My Sunday was relatively quiet as well, complete with studying in the morning, piano and baking in the afternoon (the jury is still out on my two experiments, one a chocolate cake and the other a new kind of brownie), and the cousins visited in the evening for dessert. ‘Twas delightful.

Also, over the weekend I read the Lewis Carroll poem “The Hunting of the Snark”. I am starting to appreciate the brilliance of his works. And the Mysterious Island continues to fascinate…I want VERY BADLY to skip to the end and see what happens!!!!!

Hum de hum…back to work now. Who knows what the day will hold? :)

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