October 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Privo's Cider Slip-ons

Privo's "Cider" Slip-ons

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a shoe fetish. The shoes above (in Chestnut Leather) are the most recent additions to my collection. As with every other pair of Privos I have bought, I absolutely love these shoes. They look beautiful and are comfortable to wear when I spent all day on my feet (fashionable scientists take note!). AND there are ways to afford Privos – a notoriously expensive Clark’s line – for example, doing a search on ebay. I have bought my last few pairs of Privos on ebay, and saved over $50 each time. Give it a shot! (Just be sure you order a 1/2 size smaller than you would usually wear, because Privos tend to run large.)

Now, if ONLY they made a comfortable and affordable version of these “Lilliann” shoes from Naturalizer…I’ve had my eye on them for three months now.

Lilliann by Naturalizer

Lilliann by Naturalizer

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