Rainy Day Type Thoughts

August 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

At this point, I have sampled all of my classes for this semester. Of course, by “all of my classes” I mean only two. Up ’til now, I worked myself to death on 22 and 23 credit semesters and tried desperately to fit part-time jobs in the cracks left when my brain just couldn’t take it anymore. This semester is novel: I am working a full-time job to pay for school, and fitting two classes (a mere 6 credit hours) into the cracks of time when nothing is on my desk to file, when there is no coffee to be made, etc. Thus far I am actually enjoying my current schedule.

In the official class schedule, the registrar entitles my classes “The Age of Humanity” and “Senior Seminar I”. Both of these sound like an awful yawn. In reality, they should be entitled, respectively, “The Rise of the Humanities: Literature, Philosophy and Art During the Rise of the Renaissance” and “Contra: A Defense of Analytic Philosophy Against The School”. Far more exciting. The first is taught by Dr. Michael Mack, English professor, Shakespeare analyst-extraordinaire, and new director of the University Honors Program. The second is taught by Dr. Michael Gorman, Analytic Philosopher, homeschooling father of seven, and total awesomeness-incarnate. I am already fairly well acquainted with Dr. Gorman and know him to be a much-loved professor, but am not very familiar with Dr. Mack either qua human being or qua professor. However, I have a vague feeling that I am going to worship the ground on which he walks by the end of the semester. We shall see.

In other news…it’s raining outside in Washington DC and I’ve just been informed by a friend that I am hereafter to be known as “Little Miss 5”, because my conversations with said fellow never seem to run longer than five minutes. This seems reasonable enough.

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