Over A Coffee Cup

August 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Every morning, humanity files past my desk. I work in an open office, normally peopled by three other women. Officially I am an “administrative assistant”, but for me the most rewarding and pivotal part of my job focuses on the coffee machine. Our company coffee machine, mind you, is no humble coffee machine. It is a workhorse located behind my office (you have to walk by me to get there), and it is my duty to keep three hot pots of coffee rotating all day long. This is a time-consuming task, as scientists (especially physicists) in my experience live on cups of java alone.

Humanity files past my desk. As an international community, my workplace is shared by researchers from France, Singapore, Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Brazil, India, China, South Korea, and Japan to name only a few countries of origin. Conversation with any and all over coffee is exceedingly interesting. Most recently, for example, it was my joy to know more about the foreign Olympic teams and their victories than my own!

Humanity files past my desk. Humanity in all its joy, pain, sorrows, sufferings, complexity, virtue and vice. And I love every single individual not only for what they have taught me over cups of coffee about the world and the people in it, but for who they are. That is a priceless lesson that I would not trade for the understanding of the Universe.

To think that one can learn so much, peering over a coffee cup.

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