A Decent Dose of Christian Joy

February 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

What a whirlwind first few weeks of school it has been! I can’t believe this is my last full-time semester of college; that blows my mind. This semester I am trying something new as well: over Christmas I very carefully reevaluated my priorities in life, etc. and as a result decided to (1) quit two out of three of my jobs, (2) cut back on my class schedule to an easier load, and (3) tell my professors I was not doing research this semester. It was tough to do, but I feel called to spend more time with family and friends at this point. :-P

And I have definitely been taking advantage of all this time. This weekend has been AMAZING. A friend of mine came over for dinner and games with the family on Friday night, my maternal grandparents visited all day yesterday, and my *awesome* St. Louis seminarian friends came over last night for dinner, laughter, and card games. We had such a great time watching clips on the computer, playing highly spirited solitaire games, and telling stories. I had been having a bout of depression and dissatisfaction lately…the work of the devil is my guess…but it was wholly dispelled by a beautiful dose of truly Christian joy and hope in fellowship. God certainly plans things well.

This morning we went to early Mass and headed over to the Hall for coffee and donuts aftewards. It was very nice; I had a chat with the Deacon, Fr. Foley, and Fr. Mark. Deacon Klco has successfully roped me into giving a talk during the Confirmation retreat at the end of the month. The religious ed. faculty and Deacon Klco duked it out and it was decided that I would be assigned the topic of prayer and how in particular prayer is affected by the infusion of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Tough topic! However, I think I am up for the challenge, and am surprisingly excited to talk to the kids about it.

Anyway, back to my Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and God bless!

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