Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2007 § 1 Comment

Happy Thanksgiving! Now it’s back to the old grindstone for two more weeks of classes. We had a great time hanging with the family in Charlottesville, VA for several days. My friend Catherine was able to join us as well, which was a joy. Always fun feeling like I have another sister.

On Wednesday, the girls and I drove down in the morning and spent a peaceful afternoon/evening visiting with Papa and Grandma until my parents showed up after Kenny finished classes. Some of the cousins came to the Big House to play a huge game of solitaire. Naturally, we stayed up late watching Stargate, giggling and chatting with giddy excitement.

Thanksgiving Day was just as hustle-bustle as usual. I stayed home to study while everyone who wasn’t cooking went to Mass. El made us positively delicious Horses’ Necks, and dinner was wonderful. Everyone told embarassing stories for a couple hours, and then we cleaned up and went to bed.

Although sadly without Catherine, Mommy, the girls and I spend the whole of Black Friday roving the sales at the Mall. Ah, I love being shopping Barbie! I am surprised my credit card didn’t melt or something. I look forward to the sales on Black Friday all year long. When we got back to the Farm, Steven had dropped by with some seminarian friends for a surprise dinner visit. Oooooooo I drank way too much; Daddy makes very strong margaritas. Four drinks later, I was positively giddy and ready to watch “Die Hard I” with the guys. That movie is AWESOME!

My cousins generously invited us to spend all of Saturday at their house, which was a blast. We feasted on Thanksgiving leftovers, Brian taught us boxing, and we played a huge solitaire tournament (eight handed!). We ended the day with another “Die Hard” installment – or so we thought. Right in the middle of the climactic scene, my aunt came in and told us that the sheriff called and that there was an armed-and-dangerous criminal on the property. Two police cars were in chase.

The guys didn’t need any excuse to go pistol-packing; they suited up and drove off in the truck, leaving the ladies with kitchen knives and a couple rifles. We were instructed not to leave the house under any circumstances. Fortunately for the criminal, the police caught them and there was no vigilante justice on Saturday night. :)

Sunday was a fairly lazy morning – we went to Mass and donuts early, and I worked on homework when we got back to the Big House. We spent the rest of the day packing and then came home. What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Above: Eleanor and I boxing in the driveway while Brian looks on.

§ One Response to Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Father Joe says:

    Ah, so you liked the DIE HARD movie, did you?

    I know the story takes place at Christmas time, but do you really consider it a holiday film?

    And I suppose the photo and blog post is evidence that gratuitous violence and rough language in R-rated movies can even change dear gentle Genna into a pistol-packing, hard-drinking and rough-talking fighting machine?

    Oh my, the world must be warned, or at least the CUA community… be afraid, be very afraid!

    Hiding under my desk,
    Father Joe

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