October 31, 2007 § 4 Comments

If you have been looking for a Pilates Advanced mat workout program to step up the pace a bit, Hilary Burnett’s Pilates Advanced is the answer to your prayers.  I stumbled across it a few weeks back in my own webcrawling, and the reviews were so good that I treated myself. Oh my gosh! I got the DVD in the mail and tried it last night: the workout was INCREDIBLE! And Hilary doesn’t buy into those other “brands” of contrology…just classic Pilates.

Anyway, in other news:

Calc III is insanely awesome.

White House work is moving along.

The Council meeting is 8 days away.

Dr. Knyazev dressed up as Ruthenium?

DNA and Locke’s ideas.

Don’t like R. Alto Charo, JD.

(This Chinese food tastes like fish. Wierd.)

Holy Day of Obligation tomorrow.

It’s Halloween: Stephen King movie with Kenny tonight!

 Happy Halloween!

§ 4 Responses to Wow!

  • Father Joe says:

    Your news is becoming increasingly cryptic.

    Am I the only one commenting on your Blog…maybe no one else knows it is back?

    [One caution, since your Blog is public and not behind any kind of coded privacy wall…be careful about who you say you hate. How do you know R. Alto Charo, JD anyway? She has been a thorn in the side of pro-lifers for a long time! Although a lawyer, she seems to think that prolifers have no right to express their ideas or use the political process. From euthanasia to abortion, she is an advocate for the culture of death.]–you can delete or edit this part of my comment if you want, or leave it if you don’t care.

    What the heck is the Pilates workout?– this from the guy who used to eat cheeseburgers and tap his toe to the music of jazzercisers on television.

  • Genna says:

    Well, I never said that I *hated* R. Alto Charo…only that I don’t like her. I think I have a right to disagree with what she has to say. I’ve been reading her stuff lately in preparation for the Council meeting coming up, as a lot of her publications are relevant to the medical professionalism debate. I disagree with her stance on whether doctors should be allowed to choose whether or not to counsel patients on “all available options” including birth control and abortion; I disagree that doctors should not be able to follow their consciences in such decisions; I disagree that doctors are not allowed to express their ethical concerns to a patient when they refuse to prescribe contraceptives.

    Furthermore, I would also have to say that (after reading her article “The Celestial Fire of Conscience”, published in the New England Journal of Medicine) that she is ‘barking up the wrong tree’ so to speak in assulting the problem of conscience and its role in the medical profession. I think the problem in this case lies more in the definition of a physician and what it means to be a healer: if the physician does not believe that, for instance, birth control pills “heal” or “enhance”, should he/she be required to offer them to the patient? There are studies to show that these pills may cause cancer in women…my question would then be, is it ethically right to prescribe or counsel women in such an option?

    And no, I don’t think anyone knows that my blog is “back” yet, which is why you are the only person reading and commenting. :)

    Pilates – formerly known by the name “Contrology” – is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates during the war as a form of physicial therapy for wounded soldiers. It was designed to allow the wounded to keep up a certain level of fitness while confined to their hospital beds. Because of this, classic Pilates is a mat workout of painfully slow and controlled repititions focused mainly on your core muscles in the lower back and deep abdominals. Here is an example on You Tube:

  • Father Joe says:

    Hum, you are right, you did write “don’t like” amd not hate.

    Am I seeing things?

    Are you sure you did not edit the comment afterwards? You know, to make me think I am crazy?

    I must be losing it. Gosh, it had to happen eventually.

    The PRIEST CONVOCATION is next week and so I cannot attend the President’s Council sessions of healthcare. Keep the priests in your prayers.

  • Genna says:

    lol I assure you I did not edit it to make you feel crazy…you are probably having flashbacks of “Spanish Inquisition” Genna.

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