Dr. H at St. Catherine of Siena in NY, Oct. 18

October 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

Check out this video, if you have the time to at least leave it on the background while you putz around the kitchen (as I did). Dr. H delivers a lecture examining and defending ANT, entitled “Stem Cells in Healing the Sick: Ethical Dilemmas, Ethical Possibilities” at St. Catherine of Siena parish in New York a week ago.

Also in the news (the CUA Tower, that is) is the University Honor’s Program Director and my mentor Dr. Christopher Kaczor, who gave a lecture on embryonic stell cell research in the Pryz at CUA last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend but Dr. Kaczor was kind enough to send me his slides.

Excerpt from the Tower:

[Dr. Kaczor’s] lecture outlined philosophical and scientific reasons why ‘lethal embryonic stell cell research’ is immoral and not permissible in society.

‘Any time we’ve divided humanity into two classes…it’s been a colossal mistake,’ said Kaczor.

Kaczor argued that several types of adult stem cell research has yielded better results than research into embryonic stem cells. He opened his speech by asking how many people have been cured or helped by embryonic stell cell research.

Kaczor also responded to criticisms that nearly 400,000 embryos are currently held in deep freeze and these embryos should be used to further experiment.

‘The issue is not whether these embryos can help people or not, it is whether or not they have a right to life.”

Kaczor also suggested a possibility that involves extracting stem cells from the embryos without destroying the embryo’s viability, though this would also likely involve destruction of embryos in the research phase.

‘What is probably going to happen is some scientists without qualms will go ahead and figure out a way to do this, even if they have to kill embryos to do so and the scientific community will use their methods’ said Kaczor.

Well, between Dr. Kaczor this week and Dr. Grabowski’s comments on Planned Parenthood (and the backlash! Several people offered comments in the paper.) a few weeks back, I am quite impressed at the firm stance and important debates being taken up on campus. I can’t wait to hear more!

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