October 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

Errr…okay, maybe *really* sparse updates. As usual, my schedule is insane but this semester it seems that either (a) I have become much better at handling the workload; or (b) I am completely off my rocker and I have no idea of it. Both are entirely possible I suppose. You be the judge.

My day starts at 4AM, when I drag out of bed for exercise and early morning Calc study. I get to the Shrine for Mass at 7AM, and then head to work for an hour or so at VSL before classes begin. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have classes and studying all day. Fridays are PChem days – literally (10-11AM class, 1-5PM lab, 5-6PM recitation, 6-7PM office hours with Dr. K). On Mondays and Wednesdays I get the joy of going to work for the Council downtown.

What am I doing at work now? Well, up until a week or so ago I was just piddling around doing things for whoever needed help around the office. But now Sam is finally getting the chance to turn to the newborn screening project, and pulled me on board as his personal research assistant. :) Hooray! Sam is an absolutely awesome manager, and I find it a great honor to be called a peer. Yes, he gives me a hard time about just about everything, but I need people like that to keep me less-than-serious.

Otherwise, life goes on. Typical of my day:

  • spend time with friends
  • say my prayers
  • graduate school graduate school graduate school graduate school graduate school (did I mention graduate school?) Sometimes I wish the world were a little bigger than an oyster. Medicine? Physics? Astrochemistry? Neuroscience? AAAA! And then, of course, religious life continues to lurk around the edges of thought…
  • related to above: Career options? Nano? Molecular archeology? Explosive studies? Ergh.
  • call Dr. Ferarri re: nano in TX
  • Steven Curtis Chapman’s new CD!
  • Ummm…Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis?
  • siblings are growing up toooooooo fast
  • missing my cousin Barbara
  • counting down to the Council meeting!
  • *adore* working for Sam
  • reading stuff from Dr. H
  • could I squeeze more pairs of shoes in my closet?
  • loving Modern Philosophy class
  • loving Pope Benedict’s books
  • too much caffeine
  • Sleep? what is SLEEP?

Anyway, that was a brief update. I feel like writing these days, and will probably find myself doing so more often.

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