My Lov-erly Summer Break

August 10, 2007 § 3 Comments

Summer is nearly over. The memories are flooding in of wonderful times.

My presentation on the definition of medical treatment in regard to genetic conditions in particular, ending my summer internship, went fantastically. I gave the best presentation of my life and stayed cool as a cucumber. My answers during the Q&A session were a little less than wonderful, but I was able to stimulate discussion and even argument, so I was pleased. I turned in my paper the day before the presentation. Sam liked the paper and Joe said my presentation was “great”. Thank God that is over!   

On the night after my presentation, Joe took the interns out for an amazingly fun night on the town, beginning with a pizza dinner at 2Amy’s. The pizza there is all d.o.c. (sanctioned by the Italians as being REAL Italian pizza). Afterwards, we all went to Giant and picked out some ice cream. So armed, we trooped to Ken’s (another intern) house to enjoy our dessert and conversation on the plaza outside his apartment building. Good times.


Yesterday, I arrived home from the cross-country trip with the family via RV at 3:25AM, got a whopping two hours of sleep, and dragged myself out of bed to arrive at work at 7AM. It was not so much of a “Good morning, God” morning as a “Good God! Morning!” morning, as Fulton Sheen would say. This AM was the same. I need some sleep desperately!

The trip was amazing, despite the fact that I had to join the family after my internship ended, halfway through their vacation. I made it out to Pismo Beach for the tail end of the (AWESOME!) family reunion, and traveled back with the family after spending a couple days in LA visiting with more extended family.

Pismo was a blast. I absolutely *adore* family reunions, and was looking forward to this one ever since the last in 2004. Even more family showed up this time; I think the count was up to 109 people at the cookout on Saturday night! On Sunday I had a chance to visit with my dear cousin and friend Brandon, an opportunity I was deeply thankful for.

In LA, we visited and stayed with my Great-Uncle Richie and his wife Aunt Jeannine, went for a whirlwind day-long run through Disneyland with the Walkers and the Lewises, and spent a day at my third cousin Stojan’s utopian garden behind his house.

On the way home, we sightsaw a bit, stopping at the National Shrine of the Infant of Prague in Oklahoma, the Casey Jones House and Museum in Tennessee, ate at two IHOPs, and spent a restful night at the now-familiar and quite beautiful Holy Ghost parish in Knoxville, TN (we spent the night in their parking lot on our first cross-country trip).  Finally, Mommy surprised us and we stopped at the Farm for a too-short visit with the Walkers, dinner, and laughter.

Now it’s back to work and school starts soon. My schedule is finally planned (I think!). It will be the lightest semester for me since freshman year, as I will be taking Physical Chemistry (and lab), Bioinorganic Chemistry, Calculus III, Modern Philosophy, and research for credit in Biochemistry for Dr. Kovach. To fill in the gaps I will work on my Chem comp paper, continue my part-time job at VSL, tackle the year as President of Phi Sigma Tau, and work for Dr. Brewer as a grading TA. It will be delightful, and I am looking forward to everything.

§ 3 Responses to My Lov-erly Summer Break

  • Father Joe says:

    Congratulations on the research paper and presentation!

    I knew you would do well, but was waiting on pins-and-needles to hear it from you.

    Glad that you also enjoyed your truncated vacation.

    As for your coming school semester, even your “easiest” one so far seems quite loaded and impressive to me.

    You always make me so proud for knowing you.

    God bless!

    Father Joe

  • Genna says:

    Thanks, Fr. Joe! Oh, and by the way, I know you are busy but did you get my email of the other day? I just wastn’t sure if I was using the right address…

    I am proud to know you, too, and to be your goddaughter. :)

  • I’m glad you made it out for the end of the reunion and the other half of the trip! It wouldn’t have been the same with out you…in other words, pretty dull.
    You call that semester light? I feel dizzy just reading what you are going to do!

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