New Paper

May 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

Over tea a week or so back, Dr. Doolan gave me an idea for a philosophy paper to work on during the summer. It has given me something to chew on for the past few days, and a little preliminary research tells me that I have an excuse (finally!) to buy a book that I have been drooling over. God knows I can’t let my mind relax too much over the summer!

Otherwise, not much has been going on. I’m working Mondays and Wednesdays all day, and thoroughly enjoying my break thus far. Kenny and I are racing through a couple books, and I am trying to slowly work my way through watching the seven-hour BBC version of Middlemarch. :-)

Kevin and Brendan came over for family dinner and puzzles until late on Monday night, which was a *blast*! A fantastic time was had by all – our guests had us thoroughly entertained with their stories of Scout camp. They had me in stitches. :::grin:::

Left to Right: Me, Kevin, and Brendan

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