Fall ’07 Lineup

April 22, 2007 § 6 Comments

I’m officially registered for my classes for the Fall. It promises to be quite a semester:

Physical Chemistry I and Lab (Dr. Vadim Knyasev): The first half of a two semester sequence designed to introduce students to the theoretical principles of chemistry.

Bioinorganic Chemistry (Dr. Mr. Brewer): A one-semester lecture course with primary focus on the role that transition metals play in biological processes. Discussion of structures of active sites of metalloenzymes and the mechanisms of the reactions they promote, in terms of existing experimental data on the native systems and model compounds. Systems included are oxygen binding and transport, heme and non-heme electron transfer, copper blue proteins, nitrogen fixation, and inorganic pharmaceuticals.

Analytic Geometry and Calc III (Dr. “Rocco” Manella): Partial derivatives and differential; the chain rule: gradient and directional derivative; derivative of a vector function; tangent planes; critical points and local extrema; Lagrange multipliers;  integration over regions in R2; use of polar coordinates; integration over regions in R3; use of cylindrical and spherical coordinates;  line integrals; conservative vector fields; Green’s theorem; surface integrals and divergence theorem; Stokes’ theorem.

History of Modern Philosophy (Dr. Richard Velkley): A treatment of the main philosophers of the rationalist, empiricist, and Kantian traditions, from Descartes through the nineteenth century.

Either Latin 103 or Greek 101…that won’t be decided most likely until the Fall, and finally I plan to audit either:

Philosophy of Religion (Dr. Holger Zaborowski): An examination of philosophical questions that have arisen in the Western tradition regarding such fundamental issues as the relationship between faith and reason; the nature of religious language; rational arguments for and against the existence of God; the problem of evil; the nature and attributes of God; the relationships between God and human freedom, and between morality and religion; the problem of miracles; and the prospect of life after death.


Old English I (Dr. Lilla Kopar): An introduction to the language and literature of Anglo-Saxon England.

I’m getting uber-excited already!!!!

§ 6 Responses to Fall ’07 Lineup

  • phamilton says:

    Only five classes and one audit? That almost seems like a normal-sized work load. You’re getting lazy!

  • Genna says:

    lol…slaaaaaaaaacking off…feels good you know. :-)

    It sounds like, from your blog, that you are only taking five classes. No audits? Talk about LAZY. :::wink:::

    Perhaps a mild case of senioritis?

  • phamilton says:

    Well, I’m also taking piano lessons. Granted, those will only take up a half hour a week, but that still means that I’m taking 16 hours, which means I’m taking more credit hours than you, which implies that I am slacking less. The logic is flawless.

    I didn’t know that you had found my blog. I guess I could have looked at your blog roll, huh? =p

  • Genna says:

    Hah! but I punch a neat hole in your argument: the Calc III class is four credits, and PChem is five. This brings my credit hours up to 17…one more credit than you, SLACKER!


  • phamilton says:


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