John 14-17: A Calling

April 11, 2007 § 4 Comments


Whispers through the words

printed in the Book.

Sweet somethings, of such

substance only the Word

can speak them.

He shows me my life, in

light of this new blindness

to all but Him.

My journey granted meaning.



11 more days of classes! Even Msgr. Wippel is counting down, only he does it by the number of meetings…27 I believe at the last count. I had to stop by the Philosophy office yesterday to finish planning the End of Year Garden Party and had the delightful experience of getting to chat with some of my favorite professors (Dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Noone, Msgr. Wippel, Dr. White, and Dr. Zaborowski, who is quite ill and who I persuaded to back home and rest).

Anyway, back to work. I’ve finished my papers on (1) hanging bowls and (2) the spiritual connections between JHN and St. Francis, and now it is time to buckle down and work on the textual analysis of this article from the Summa:

Janice and Bonnie (GORGEOUS!!!) are coming for dinner! Woohooo!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

§ 4 Responses to John 14-17: A Calling

  • Father Joe says:

    I like poetry but often find meanings obscure and/or multivalent.

    Words speak, but are you talking about that dialogue between the lines?

    Are you referring to Scripture and how a revealed Word becomes personal?

    “Sweet somethings” almost always refer to flirtatious love, where relationships and vocations begin.

    There are many books but only one where the Word is the last word.

    My road and revelation were different; it was not life I first saw but death.

    Grandmother died, mother became sick, father got old.

    The blindness was there but not complete because of family.

    Had there been no kindred I would have been a missionary.

    Maybe I would have been a martyr, a great saint?

    Jesus said that he who is not willing to leave mother or father “for my sake is not worthy of me.”

    I was never worthy, but he made me his instrument all the same.

    I was held back, distracted perhaps, but still seeing “Him”.

    He showed me the death of friendships and romantic fantasies.

    He showed me detachment from riches and power.

    He showed me the cross, and how only out of death came life.

    A seed falls to the ground and dies. I became that seed.

    You say your journey granted meaning, for me it was the other way around.

    The special meaning that God gave me set me on a new path.

    There is no getting off it now, no alternatives, no detours, no turning back.

    Love has been my companion all along, but I have come to know its special name in my life…


  • I’m I going to be able to read the hanging bowls paper…that is if it isn’t too long!? ;-)

  • WhitehouseMom says:

    Genna, What beautiful poetry! Did you write it? If not, who is the author?

  • Genna says:

    *blush* yes the poem is a result of my scribblings…I’m glad you like it. There’s much more where that came from. :-)

    I like your parallel, Fr. Joe. It’s very nice, but very different from my own.

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