Spring Break

March 10, 2007 § 3 Comments

A couple pictures from spring break….and no, I am not the expert photographer. All the glory goes to my sister, Lizzy!

An INTENSE and HUGE game of Solitaire!

Kenny helps do the “women’s work”

Waiting for dinner

It was so much fun. [Next time, Paul, you HAVE to come. Eight-handed solitaire is just THAT MUCH FUN. :::winkwink:::] Huzzahs for Spring Break!

§ 3 Responses to Spring Break

  • Father Joe says:

    Cards…you are all playing cards? …and I have to beg your sisters and you will not even play with me? Okay, solitaire is too hard for my poor brain and so I prefer UNO or even WAR…but still! I am devastated…that’s it! Okay, I cheat too, but hey I am a priest, I am supposed to win, right…isn’t that a clergy perk? I think I will now go and pat the cat, bemoaning my lack of card playing FRIENDS now that my brother is married and gone…too bad. As long as I feed her I have one friend…OUCH, darn that cat! Even the computer does not like to play cards with me…freezing when I have the upper hand, no fair…no fair!

    By the way, your sister’s blog is visible in CHINA! But guess what?

    My blog is banned in CHINA! And furthermore, so is yours!!!!

    Check it out at the following link:


    The archdiocese webpage goes through fine, nothing challenging to the Communists there!


    Father Joe

  • Paul Hamilton says:

    Well, I hope you schedule a “next time.” Make sure that it isn’t in the middle of Lent so I can eat some of those fantastic looking brownies that you made.

  • Genna says:

    Of COURSE I am planning a next time! Haha, I’m sorry about the brownies…can I help it if I cook/bake to relax? I have been torturing my family on weekends, believe me. They also gave up sweets, except on Sundays. Fr. Mark calls us “laxists”. :-)

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