Day 2 of Break

February 28, 2007 § 2 Comments

Last night, Kenny and I stayed up late watching the movie “Shattered Glass”, starring Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgaard. The movie is about Stephen Glass, the former reporter for the New Republic, and about his demise.  It was the second time I have seen the film, and I highly recommend it as a relatively little known and very well-made picture. The role of Stephen Glass is so whiny and childish that it seems it was made for Hayden Christensen, and Peter Sarsgaard has an unforgettable scene as the nearly-ruined editor of the New Republic. If you have a chance to rent/buy it, do so and you won’t be sorry.

§ 2 Responses to Day 2 of Break

  • Paul Hamilton says:


    I’m sorry, because this is completely unrelated to…whatever topic you are writing about. I just noticed that you have a link to the geocaching website. My parents are 100% geocaching junkies. My dad goes by the name “Mean Gene”, and Mom goes by the name “The Rooter”. Together, they go out with a friend from my dad’s work whose name is “BobO”. My dad just recently found his 4000th geocache. My dad has the official geocaching mug and hat. My parents have sustained more injuries and more severe injuries geocaching than I did in over eight years of playing hockey. My mom split her head open, and my dad fell off a 70 foot cliff…geocaching.

    Genna, I sometimes have trouble explaining some of my family’s many quirks. At least in this one case, that dorkiness needs no explaining.

    I can’t stop laughing. =D

  • Genna says:

    Geocaching, eh? I love it, but I notice that you didn’t say that you necessarily enjoyed it. :-)

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