15% through the semester

January 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

Fr. Sokolowski pointed out this afternoon that we are already 15% of our way through the semester. I will have to think about that…

Did you know that if the month starts on a Sunday, there will be a Friday 13th? John T. mentioned that right before Medieval class this morning, with the result that a bunch of us were trying to figure out if it were true or not for the entire class. I still didn’t get it afterwards, until Rob remonished me with a “C’mon Smart Girl!” and explained. I’m a little slow in the morning.

The philosophy lecture this afternoon was fantastic, given by none other than our own Dr. Matthias Vorwerk. Not only does he really know his stuff when it comes to Neoplatonism, but he also has a delightful command of the English language which, naturally, makes every word wonderful to hear. I’ve heard that he is also a very kind man, and although I have never formally met him, he does have an aura of gentle patience and love that is rare. He is a blessing to the School of Philosophy.

After the lecture, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I chatted with Fr. Peter (a Dominican studying at CUA; I met him two years ago when we had a class together but we hadn’t had a chance to catch up), a visiting professor from Japan (don’t ask me to spell his last name…I know he introduced himself as Yohki), Dr. Tobias Hoffman (I’ve always wanted to meet him, and finally did!) Fr. Sokolowski, and Dr. White. Every time I’ve spoken with the Japanese scholar I’ve learned something new: it is such a culture shock between East and West. Yesterday he expressed his shock that I openly admit that I attend Mass daily; apparently in Japan, since only ~1% of the population is Catholic, you don’t admit that you are Christian for fear of being ostracized. He had several other horror stories to relate, as well as his speculations on the growing suicide rate in his country. We had an enlightening discussion on whether it is possible to have a University in Japan, where pressure is so great to conform. Hmmmmm…I will have to think about it some more.

There’s plenty of work to do this weekend, least of all my research report and internship applications. I’ve been avoiding them as long as possible, but I’m afraid deadlines are looming. So far I am applying for five, three of which are for research labs in northern Germany. All the scientific ones involve industrial catalysts, which are absolutely fascinating mechanistically.

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