Philosophical acid trips?

January 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

If we didn’t have an interior sense, life would just be one big acid trip. – Dr. Doolan

 Or so my WICKED AWESOME philosophy teacher put it, before assuring us that he definitely doesn’t know from experience. But if he did…wouldn’t that imply he didn’t have in interior sense? :-P In that case, I don’t think anyone has had “experience”.

In other news, check out this week’s Prime Minister’s Question Time. Today’s “installment” is quite exciting, touching on Iraq and “anti-social behavior”, featuring a heated debate regarding (what else these days?!) the NHS. And don’t miss the Prime Minister’s cutting wit being wielded against David Cameron. The PM’s tie is dazzling, too. :-)

Oh, and thanks for the advice, Kevin, by the way. Drop/add is over now and I am in Math 122 WAY OVER MY HEAD. Haha – I’ll catch up pretty soon. It will just take me a few clueless days…ah how I love learning.

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