December 18, 2006 § Leave a comment

Last night was awesome – we had a great time with Fr. Mark at the White House (I think he particularly enjoyed teasing me about PM Tony Blair) and topped the evening off with a heavenly dinner at the PGI. You really get what you pay for there – the meals exemplify everything that the movie “Babette’s Feast” is about: the spiritual aspect of fine dining. It makes you glad to be a human being in the highest sense. Anyway, the owner came out to personally carve our Peking duck for us, and did so to our delight with dramatic flourish.

Today was fairly boring. Mass was nice in the morning, but I didn’t enjoy my dentist appointment too much (the toothpaste flavor was nasty!). Kenny and I spent a while in the afternoon helping Fr. Mark trim the rectory tree, before we came home and attacked the house in like manner with the rest of the family. Perhaps we will finish all this decorating/preparing by Wednesday, if we are lucky.

The rest of the grades came in today; apparently the most horrific exam of my life wasn’t as horrific as I first thought.

Tomorrow I will be on campus all day long, putzing around the lab, going to spiritual direction, and meeting friends for lunch. At night the whole family will join me to decorate the Shrine – hooray!

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