SmarTRIP or SmartRIP? That is the Question.

November 3, 2006 § 1 Comment

Daddy and I took Dr. White to the White House for a tour last night – our first nighttime tour! After Inorganic, Dr. White and I headed downtown to meet Daddy, who took all of us to dinner before getting us through security.

The pictures (as expected!) didn’t turn out as well at night, but I got a couple which aren’t too awful…

Out front of the West Wing (Dr. White on the left, and Daddy on the right)

Dr. White and I pose in front of the Rose Garden

Anyway, it was a great tour and I had a really fun time, despite the hour and the fact that it was a school night.

At ~11:30PM, Dr. White drilled me on Aristotle’s Physics VII in the Metro Station at Farragut North, when he found out that I had a test today on that book. :::shakes head::: My brain is just not awake at that hour. But it is probably thanks to his getting the questions percolating in my brain that I did well on the test this morning!

Now off to bed I go…to do some Biochem studying for the quiz tomorrow! :-)

§ One Response to SmarTRIP or SmartRIP? That is the Question.

  • Father Joe says:

    Goodness, Carrots!

    Do you live at the White House?

    The guards are going to think that you actually live and work there!

    Is it true that you made the President and some of his security advisers meet somewhere else because you wanted to show off the Oval Office?


    Father Joe

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