Terrible Tuesdays

September 12, 2006 § Leave a comment

Haha – not really. I just felt like making the title rhyme, that’s all.

Today my classes were as follows:

Philosophy of Science: Dr. Richard Hassing is teaching this class. While I have no problem with the teacher, sadly I find it very hard to focus on the subject. The reason for this is that the class is – of course – filled with solely philosophy majors who have not had any real science in college. So the professor (a Theoretical Physicist) spends most of the class time trying to teach the basics of the natural sciences (Newton’s Law?, the Bohr theory?) and hands out the philosophical themes to think about in the lecture notes. Oh well. My classmates are very nice, anyway.

Analytical Chemistry…again.

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (actually, I don’t have this class tonight; I had it last night. I got my evening classes all mixed up): I forgot how much fun it was to attend a Mr.Dr.Brewer-taught class! It is refreshing to be exposed to the incredible passion that man has for chemistry all over again. His passion is exactly what drew me into being a science major, when I really thought I wanted to do history. Hm. Big change of plans, that. The class itself is delightful: most 1 hour and 15 minute classes are hard to stay awake through, but I could listen to him for hours.

Otherwise, not much is going on today. I went to the Post Office and ran silly errands like that after morning class, and have been studying and doing TA office hours for the afternoon. Later I get to go visit a friend, which will be fun.


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